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UN SDG: Learn

UN SDG:Learn is a United Nations initiative that aims to bring relevant and curated learning solutions on sustainable development topics to individuals and organizations.

Through the collaborative efforts of the United Nations, multilateral organizations, and sustainable development partners from universities, civil society, academia and the private sector, UN SDG:Learn provides a unique gateway that empowers individuals and organizations through an informed decision when selecting among a wealth of SDG-related learning products and services that are currently available.

UN SDG:Learn consists of three main components: The Platform; The Partnership; The Programme.

The Platform

The web-based Platform is a gateway that matches learners’ needs with learning solutions offered by UN SDG: Learn Partner organizations targeting diverse audiences from government officials, UN staff, private sector executives and employees, parliamentarians, NGO workers, young people, journalists and citizens at large. The Platform enables a smart navigation through the growing wealth of various learning solutions including courses, tutorials, podcasts, analytical and other tools, and the expertise on topics related to SDG achievement.

The Partnership

The Partnership ensures that the Platform becomes a key resource and the main gateway for SDG learning. UN SDG:Learn is powered by a community of practitioners that bring together the main providers of learning solutions on the SDGs from the UN, academia and universities and the private sector. The Partners network engages in regular exchange on learning methodologies, tools, curricula, and courses relevant for SDG learning.

The Programme

The Programme will feature and offer joint learning initiatives that will be co-designed as part of the UN SDG: Learn Partnership to ensure integrated learning support to countries.

UN SDG:Learn is ultimately about allowing the UN family to work in collaboration with key partners and reach out to millions of people whose professional and personal learning choices will make a difference if we are to achieve the SDGs.

Learn more: https://www.unsdglearn.org/

Upcoming M&E international events

gLOCAL Evaluation Week (June 1 — 5, 2020)

gLOCAL Evaluation Week is a platform for evaluation knowledge-sharing and networking events to promote evidence-based policymaking and improve development outcomes. During this week, events organized by public, private, and academic institutions and organizations that produce, use, or promote evaluations to strengthen development programs will take place around the world. All events are free and open to the public. 

Organize an event between June 1 to 5, 2020, to support local and global M&E knowledge sharing and networking, increase your organization’s visibility, promote evaluation practice, and support evidence-based policy making. Events can take place anywhere around the world, in any language.

International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET) (Bern, Switzerland, July 6-24, 2020)

The International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET) is a globally recognized and respected player in advanced training in the field of evaluation. The courses and workshops are tailored to the needs of professionals who commission, manage, practice or use evaluations. This unique training program brings together global expertise in evaluation to build foundational and advanced knowledge and skill in evaluation. Over the past years, more than 4000 professionals received training and joined the global IPDET network. IPDET 2020 takes place in Bern, Switzerland. More than 250 participants from all over the world will come together during the Core Course and Workshop weeks and update their knowledge, share their experience and enhance their skills.

European Evaluation Society Conference (Copenhagen, Denmark, September 21-25, 2020)

The mandate of the European Evaluation Society (EES) is to stimulate, guide and promote the theory, practice and utilization of evaluation in Europe and beyond. The vision is a world where evaluation contributes to human welfare through social learning. Specifically, EES seeks to advance evaluation knowledge and to encourage adoption of good practices by fostering evaluation excellence, independence and partnerships. EES activities aim to support improved enabling environments for evaluation, stronger communities of practice, relevant evaluation research and enhanced evaluation methods. The EES 2020 Biennial Conference Professional Development Workshops will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, on September 21 & 22, 2020.

American Evaluation Society Conference (Portland, USA, October 26 — 31, 2020)

The American Evaluation Association is a professional association of evaluators devoted to the application and exploration of program evaluation, personnel evaluation, technology, and many other forms of evaluation. Evaluation involves assessing the strengths and weaknesses of programs, policies, personnel, products, and organizations to improve their effectiveness. AEA has approximately 7300 members representing all 50 states in the United States as well as over 80 foreign countries. For the 2020 annual AEA conference, the organizers are asking proposal submitters to think about her/his/their expression of light through their evaluation practice and to ask yourself, “How am I shining my light?” in the work.